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The Affects of the Effects of Gravity, 2008

Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Pittsburgh Biennial

Large format prints, video projections, motors, fancy lights



Large Miniature with Mediated Presence, 2009

Gallery of Contemporary Art, Colorado Springs, CO

wood, large format prints, projection, smoke



Extreme Animalz: the Movie, Part 1, 2005

A collaboration with Jacob Ciocci of Paper Rad, 40 animals, 21 motors, a motion sensor, 3 flat screens, exhibited at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, NY, Rhizome Artbase 101 show.



Extreme Animalz: the Movie, part 2, 2008

Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, PA

Collaboration with Jacob Ciocci; taxidermied animals, controller boards, motors, dvd, tv monitor, wood, pizza box



Spring 2010 (All Good)

Goat Helper Video Screening, Show Cave, Los Angeles, CA

digital video


Progressive Regression, 2008

Gallery of Contemporary Art, Colorado SPrings, CO

Video projections, flat screens, wood, rope, found objects


Video Clip


Time-O-Rama: Electric Infinity with Real Plastic, 2006

A large installation; 20 mechanized taxidermy animals, two video projections, 5 sound cd's, flowers blooming, leaves falling and changing colors, lightning and thunder, wine was dispensed from a nozzle sticking oout of the deer's ribs...I was trying to create a mystical reality, the experience of the collapse of time and space into a single point of reality, while being self-aware the paradox of creating such a reality using time-based media in a space. Special thanks to Anna Bojic for all her generous time and effort.

Diorama video clip
- Quicktime, ~12.5 Mb (some clips take 30-60 seconds)

Cloud video
- Quicktime, ~6 Mb

Reception video
- Quicktime, ~7.5 Mb


"BRING IT" 2009

Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL

trunk, drawings, printed heads, 3 motors, audio, speakers

Video clip
- Quicktime, ~4.2 Mb


"Ungrounded" 2009

The Front, New Orlreans, LA

plastic trees, servo motors, controller board, flat screen, ink jet prints

Video clip
- Quicktime, ~4.3 Mb


YESRAD Flags, 2010

Cosign Projects, St. Louis, MO

YESRAD is an artist in residence program in Colorado Springs, near NORAD (the military base inside Cheyenne Mountain). YESRAD stands for radical positivity.


Drum Machine, 2007

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

Viewers stomp on large wooden "buttons" that cause cable to pull a lever. making drum sticks hit drums mounted overhead that also light up. People can collaborate in making rhythms by stomping on the buttons in the floor, and by doing so they also end up "dancing".



Seesaw II, 2005
Project in Ballabio, near Lake Como, Italy. --2005
Italy clip
- Quicktime, ~4.1 Mb


Seesaw I, 2003
Project for Mildred's Daughters Urban Farm, Pittsburgh, PA. --2004
seesaw video clip
- Quicktime, ~6.1 Mb


Call of the Wild, 2004

Performance fro AMP performance series, Pittsburgh, PA--2004

video clip
- Quicktime, ~3.8 Mb


Crossroads, 2005

5 minute video--2004


video clip


Johnny Steel at the Filler, 2003

I tried to share "The Filling Station" bar in Bozeman, Montana with Pittsburgh. I made a cardboard miniature of the bar and projected a recording I had made in the real bar of Johnny Steel and the Decline of the West. I served 16 oz cans of Pabst and did shots of Makers with lots of people. After the openning it really smelled like a bar and was left a mess of peanut shells, empty cans, and cigarette butts with the band playing non stop for the remaining three weeks of a show at Future Tenant Gallery. The energy did transfer, there was dancing.

Filler clip
- Quicktime, ~6.6 Mb


Wonderhorse, 2002
tricycle clip
- Quicktime, ~4.4 Mb


Moth Show, 2002

Hand cranked large "music" box with moths, black and white photos, and sound.

video clip
- Quicktime, ~15.2 Mb


Canon, 2001

Installation - black and white photos, amplified instruments, mechanical components.

video clip
- Quicktime, ~9.2 Mb